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Full Version: TLOG Battle.Net ID's !
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GREETINGS! Post your Battle.Net IDs here! If you only play specific Battle.Net games, please post here which ones you prefer!

VAYGRIM#1981 - I play Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, and I'm really good at losing in Hearthstone!
MALLRAT208#1336 - I'm mostly playing Overwatch and very rarely Hearthstone.
CrazyP#11908 Overwatch
IA7XShadowsI #2642

If you're connected to US servers, you will need to log out of your Battle.Net application, and restart it, selecting EU servers when it starts, then add me Smile

I have Diablo 3 with RoS expansion, Hearthstone (need to re-install it), Heroes of the Storm, and I'll be installing the Overwatch beta tonight!


You may see me on Overwatch as Reaper, or losing at Hearthstone. ID Jakk1kane#1470
You might see me on Hearthstone
Heroes of the Storm (rarely)
Trunks9809#2134 - Mainly going to be play Overwatch, though I do have Diablo 3 and occasionally install Hearthstone for a few days...
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