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Hi all! Nice to meet peoples. By the time you are reading this, I will probably be 25. Maybe.

I'd say I'm a pretty ordinary person, at least by my standards of ordinary. Probably not as much by other people's standards. I'd say a lot of other people would probably consider me pretty unordinary, as people tend to consider trans people fairly unordinary, I think. My Uncle for instance came over a couple days ago with his Bible to tell me about Jesus and... hermaphroditism? ... Whatever, Uncle.

Let's see, what is there to know about me... I like spicy food. Particularly I think, really spicy chicken wings. And (largely American) Japanese food. I also quite like really sour candy. The more sour, the better! Anyone have any favorite sour candies? I'd like some more recommendations tbh. Seriously though, hot wings! My favorite book atm is Fingersmith by Sarah Waters. I do a bit of activisty work, which is always interesting. I'm a Hufflepuff, and obviously a double major in charms and transfiguration. I'm fairly feminine, poly, homoflexible (I mostly like girls), use she/her pronouns, etc. I'm a friend of DarkPreacher's. ^-^

Oh, I suppooose that I also sometimes play games from time to time when I'm not too busy with school. I like D&D, and as of writing this, I've been mostly playing a tad bit of Overwatch and Stardew Valley. I kinda hop in and out of playing Minecraft. I'm a largely social gamer, meaning I generally just like playing games where I can chat with others.