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Please post your screenshot entries in this thread for the buildoff.

Rules and information can be found here:

Voting to commence on Feb 19, ending on Feb 20.
quick question....does the 5x5 chunk limitation also apply to the y axis or is that unrestricted?

*plotting and planning*

(02-05-2016, 02:40 PM)Meradudd Wrote: [ -> ]quick question....does the 5x5 chunk limitation also apply to the y axis or is that unrestricted?

*plotting and planning*


Bedrock to build height (0-256) but it must fit within a 5x5 Chunk area. if you want to make it a personal challenge to fit something within a 5x5x5 chunk area, by all means, go ahead. but there is no restriction on how high a build must be.
It's not exactly a building, but rather a room in my base. It however, unlike the entire base, does meet the rules:

This is the start of my LP storage/crafting room.
Well here is my build submission. The creation and powering my base with epic bacon!
Greetings and congratulations!

You are one of the lucky few who have been chosen entirely at random* by our contractor to review the latest and greatest in a long line of successful builds by NepTech**.  By clicking on the link below, you will be taken to a free tour of Project Neptune, a fully-functional and self-sustaining underwater base built to the strict specifications as outlined by the contractor.



NepTech CEO

*The terms lucky, few and random do not in any manner legally obligate, either explicitly or implicitly,  NepTech to regard your selection as being random, that there are a limited number of applicants or that selection confers any mystical advantage to the selectee.

**As time is not a strict progression of cause an effect, the terms 'latest', 'greatest' and 'long line' are entirely subjective and non-linear (c.f. wibbly-wobbly).  Furthermore, as failure and success are also subjective measures, NepTech reserves the right to refuse any complaints or lawsuits pursuant to catastrophic structual failure, loss of life, destruction of society or environmental collapse (c.f. NepTech v. Skaro).

(technical note - the glowing blocks in the first image show the 5xx5 chunk boundary.  The spires are _not_ microblocks, but either posts from Garden Stuff or carpenter's barriers).

[Image: 00qX7zH.png?]
Wow, some great submissions here!
Can't wait to see more!
I am proud to announce the results of the First Annual League Of Ordinary Gamers VC3 Buildoff.

4th: NecromancerKing and his little House
3rd: Porthiir and his Storage room
2nd place and the winner of the copy of Starmade: Fergcraft and his Epic Bacon Power system
and in first place...

Meradudd, and Project Neptune!

Congrats to our winners, and Thanks to everyone who participated, voted and donated the prizes.
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