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Colour Blind Glasses - Tryonus - 06-29-2016

This is mainly for Vaygrim, but maybe it may be of interest to other people.

But i was watching Vays forgecraft record livestream on the tubes, and he mentioned about everything being a black and white movie, which reminded me about finding out about these glasses, which, may help.

Just a side note im not part of the company nor sponserd or anything on those lines, its just somthing i found which i though could be usefull for colour blind ppl.

Anyway i hope ppl find these interesting and hopefully be of use.

RE: Colour Blind Glasses - Vaygrim - 06-30-2016

I've actually heard of Enchroma Glasses before, even know some folks that have pairs. Big issue #1 is that they tend to be expensive. Big issue #2 is that they can't actually 'correct' my form of colorblindness. There is not really a way to correct it or compensate for it, that I know of. Good idea tho, thanks for thinking about me!