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Greetings Travellers
Hi Guys

Finally got around to registering around here again Smile 

I have been following Vaygrims Shenanigans since Season 2 of Vaygrims Chance began, he also was the reason I dabbled in Modpack creation myself. Due to time constraints I switched to a third party pack though, and what could be better than VC3 Smile

I am looking forward to many fun hours.

Good Hunting
Welcome (Back?) to the League! Don't forget to get the discord info from the League announcements thread!
League Community Officer, Youtuber, US Marine veteran, Ordained Minister.

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I am pretty sure I had an account around here once, but I couldn't find any of my usual names Huh 

It is also possible that I only was in the IRC and Livechats during streams....

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