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Salutations :D
Hiya! I'm Rose!

I just joined the forum after watching Vaygrim's stream today. I'm super into modded Minecraft but mostly only play it casually (I play it a lot but I dislike hardcore and other bits like that) I'm excited to have found a community based on people who feel similarly.

I saw the post about a D&D group within this forum and how it was posted a few months ago without many responses. I'm interested in reviving that idea if no one else has already. Maybe even open it up to tabletop gaming in general. I've been developing an easy-to-play, user-friendly, quick session homebrew that I'd love to try out. Smile  

Anyways, I'm excited to be here!

Welcome to the League, Rose!

I'm pretty sure Preacher would love to revive the idea of some D&D - I would love to take part, but with my current commitments, I'm really struggling to find the time to do any more Sad

Enjoy your stay here, and if you need anything, just holler!

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Indeed, Rose, I would be interested in getting the D&D ball rolling, as it were, but it's hard to find members that actually want to play, let alone a DM that can run a campaign. If you want to try and run a campaign, I'll support ya, 100%. (As long as I get to play a Warforged, that is.)

Join the League Discord, and start asking around to see who all would be interested. Welcome to The League! May your games be easy and your stories full of interest! (And may your coffee cup never be empty!)
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