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Dungeons & Dragons/Tabletop RPGs (Revived)
Hiya Big Grin

So I saw there was a post a while ago about starting a D&D group open to the community. I want to revive that idea! I've never DMed before but I've been really wanting to try it.

We would be using the Roll20 website (google it, it's great). As for time, I will create a strawpoll or a Google form to figure out when everyone interested will be available.

If you don't feel like playing but want to watch, I can set up a way for people to spectate. I'll probably set up a livestream and set it to unlisted. If I end up livestreaming from the DM's perspective it will show all my notes, so I do ask that if you are spectating, you do not share info with players. And I ask that players do not log on to the stream.

So who would be interested?

So it looks like people are interested! If you are one of those people, please fill out this form to make this easier for me:
Also feel free to invite friends to fill this out. I don't mind you including your friends, but I do not want friends of a friend to be joining. I'm doing this in case we don't get enough players.

I'd be interested in playing! I have little experience but I'm fairly familiar with how everything works.
If we're playing 5E I have a mostly-made knowledge domain cleric ready to go Wink
The main problem for me is that I'm unlikely to have much free time in the next ~6 weeks due to exams...
I would like to give it a shot I haven't played since 80's - 90's so I don't know what has changed and what not. I'm available on the weekends and weekdays after 4:00 cst time (if I'm not playing factorio but you can always find me in discord)
I'm definitely up for it though may be hard to fit me in considering I'm in pretty much opposite timezones (Australia) with 2 young kids to look after and working full time.
Looks like you have a good little starting party, Roserer. one healer, one tank, and one stealth or magic user (possibly. someone may multiclass or have a character that can tank and magic, or magic and stealth, or even tank and heal.) Hope that the google form isn't giving you trouble!
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Ok, so I forgot to warn people I was going to be super busy the last few days. But now I'm back and ready to get this train going! I just made a google forms for people to fill out. This will help me organize the info I have to figure out about the people interested. I'll also post the link on discord!
Form sent! I am definitely interested in getting back into tabletop. I don't have my books anymore (and they were AD&D 3.5 anyway), so if we solidify this I will have to pick up some books.

I would be interested in watching this if you are going to stream it.

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