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TLDR; Overwatch Tips
Overwatch is coming out Tuesday May 24th, to get ready for that I figured it would be cool to post and share any tips or information you may have about the game. I'll go ahead and start off by posting what I know.

Don't forget to use the Quick Melee Ability. It can often be easier to punch someone than get your weapon aimed at them in the heat of combat, and it may just kill them.


Soldier: 76
Heavy Pulse Rifle has a fairly significant damage drop off. You can't out play Widowmaker in most instances. Soldier 76 shines in mid range engagements. 
Biotic Field requires line of sight with the device to heal. Be careful where you place it.  It won't heal you around corners.
Tactical Visor will not lock on to turrets. An enemy team with Torbjörn or Symmetra can be dangerous if you end up in their line of fire while this ability is active.

Deflect can even reflect Ultimates if timed right. Do not fire on Genji when you see this ability up.

Fan the Hammer's recoil is almost directly up. When using this ability pull back on your mouse to get more shots on target.

Despite the name, these characters aren't strictly for defensive purposes. They tend to do very well at locking down areas rather than individual target damage be it from splash damage; Junkrat and Mei,  or the ability to lock down lanes of combat; BastionHanzo, Torbjörn, and Widowmaker

Configuration: Turret is a very large damage boost for Bastion at the expense of Mobility. It is not without it's drawbacks however. When in turret mode, bastion has a large blue protrusion on his back that can be hit for additional damage. This makes him vulnerable to anyone capable of sneaking behind enemy lines.

Concussion Mine can be used for Damage, it can also be used to 'Rocket Jump' and get into places you couldn't otherwise reach as Junkrat. 
RIP-Tire is capable of climbing walls. Just hold jump. It's a great way to 'sneak' on to the point or behind enemies for the biggest effective boom. Speaking of walls, you are able to muffle the sound of the Tire by idling it against a wall. It can be a good way to trick the opposing team into thinking the tire has moved on. 

Ice Wall will by default pop-up perpendicular to the direction Mei is facing. If you hit the button for it again, it will rotate  and instead go the direction she is facing.

Not all Tanks are created equal. The primary thing they have in common is a moderate to high hitpoints.  They do have one thing in common however due to their size... large hitboxes. Stay away from shotguns.

D.VA has a high amount of armor, that means enemies like tracer that do a lot of little damage aren't much of a threat to her. When paired with a Mercy,she can be near unstoppable so long as you pick your fights. 
Reinhardt is a real Tank. His Shield blocks enemy fire but allows friendly fire out. Quite useful for advancing up a point or defending an objective. 
Winston excels at clearing control points and otherwise disrupting the enemy line thereby allowing his team to clean up the distracted members. 
Roadhog is primarily for picking apart the enemy team. In close range, very few characters can survive an encounter with his hook and scrapgun.
Zarya is the least tank like hero of the five. She's got the lowest amount of HP but has someone decent mobility considering. Her primary role is to punish enemy players that attack her or a teammate covered by her Barrier abilities. When the barriers are struck all damage is negated and Zarya gets a large boost to damage on her Particle Cannon.


Crossfade is Lúcio's signature ability. It can either Heal Lúcio and those around him or increase their movement speed. Lúcio is able to toggle between the two modes at will. You can change this in the games options to instead have Crossfade default to Healing and switch to Speed Boost when the button is held down. So you can sprint when you hold Shift and default back to healing. This may be a good option to go for if you routinely find yourself forgetting to switch back into healing mode.
Sound Barrier provides a very large amount of Shields to your team when activated. It's best to save this ability for a concentrated push or to counter an enemy ultimate.

Guardian Angel allows Mercy to leap to a teammates side be it for evasion or to get her within range to heal them. It can be used in combat, but it can also be used to sneak a healer into the back lines on certain maps. 
Angelic Descent allows Mercy to slow her fall by holding the jump button. In conjunction with Guardian Angel you can get a pretty good length of time in the air.
Resurrect has a limited range. You need to be near your fallen teammates to be able to bring them back. Don't be afraid to use it early and often. You build up the charge for this ultimate by healing targets. So long as someone is taking damage and you're healing them, you'll be able to Resurrect fairly often.

Photon Projector is Symmetra's primary weapon. It also happens to be one of the strongest weapons in the game. It's primary fire is a beam of light that locks on to nearby enemies and ramps up in damage the longer it's active. It's secondary fire emits an energy ball that deals high damage and can hit multiple targets.
Sentry Turrets are short ranged damage that lock on to a target like Symmetra's Photon Projector. They also slow down anyone hit by them. The more turrets that are hitting a target, the more pronounced the slow effect will be. As they have very low HP, it's usually a good idea to space out the turrets at different elevations and positions to prevent someone from quickly removing them if they get caught.
Teleporter is primarily useful on Defense side of escort maps where you have a long walk from your spawn room to the payload. The Teleporter has limited uses which are shown on your screen. After used up the Teleporter with self destruct. You will not gain any ultimate charge until after the Teleporter is destroyed. Use it early, use it often.

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