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Greetings and Salutations
Hello Everyone!

Just thought I drop in and make a quick introduction. I am a mid-30's (lets say closer to 40 than 30) father of two who used to be a heavy gamer and have since found myself picking up the meager scraps of my personal time to game when I can. I am the Lead Systems Admin (the call us "System Engineers" ... but we are not engineers as I define an engineer) on the application server side of a company that specialized in cloud hosted Electronic Heath Record systems. I have been in IT for 18 years and I have been a gamer for about 22 years. Yes, I remember having my life changed by Wolfenstein 3D and Doom I :-). I've done everything from FPS to RTS to RPG and Racing. Nowadays I pretty much just play Minecraft with my kids and occasionally sneak in some GTA V, Rocket League, Stardew Valley, or whatever else is burning a hole in my Steam Library at the time.

When I was younger I was a hardcore gamer, but as the river of life has pulled me down her winding path, I find myself just looking to have a good time in the limited time I have available. This means hanging out with like minded folks who understand what it's like to be a gamer and then grow up and focusing on games that don't require a job-like schedule to continue making progress (I make an exception to that rule for Eve Online). I have been a lurker on Vaygrim's and Preacher's channels since VC Season 2 and since discovering Preacher and A7X on the GrimCo construction short series. Since then I have also added Ferg and the Bromigos into the rotation. After watching them over time and getting to know their vision for a gaming community through their content, I have finally decided to throw my hat in with the League of Ordinary Gamers. Here's to letting the good time roll!

Games I play in no particular order:

Minecraft (Family white listed VC3 Server and Bytesize Server)

Stardew Valley
Eve Online (Off and on love/hate relationship)
Rocket League
Shadowrun Hong Kong
Borderlands 2 (When the wife and I have time to frag suckas together)

Games on the soon™ list:

Banner Saga 1 and 2 (When 2 next goes on sale)
A whole slew of awesome looking Telltale Games (Thank you Humble Bundle)
Saints Row (Starting series from 2)
Homeworld Remastered

- SabotCain

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