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Hi everyone
Hi everyone.
I'm a relative newbie to Minecraft and am the epitome of casual gamer. I usually play a number of different games, hardly ever to completion. I started with Minecraft after watching a favorite youtuber (Master_Hellish) play modded and thought that looked cool as regular Minecraft didn't interest me. He was playing the Direwolf20 so I started playing that. Super fun pack and love his videos. I've learned so much from watching them. Doing a Youtube search for something led me to Vaygrim and then I finally had a chance to watch him stream the day he was on Forgecraft and went to Dire's base. I then watched his open letter to Direwolf20 and became hooked.

Watching another livestream I downloaded Vaygrim's Chance mod pack and have been playing that ever since.

I will say that I had a ball with the Direwolf20 pack, and FTB Unstable pack and I am sure I will play the new DW20 once it is updated, but playing the VC mod pack is fantastic. Between watching Vaygrim's videos on Project E, Direwolf's on RF Tools and other Youtubers I have progressed further in this playthrough than any other. Not that I am very far mind you, but at least I have a semi-coherent base, a Transmutation Table and some very basic RF generation going.

As I mentioned I have a very casual gamer. I play a lot of different things but especially like building games like Gnomoria, Civ, Minecraft, Banished as well as survival games like The Long Dark and Project Zomboid. Grand Strategy games like Crusader Kings II, EUIV and Stellaris have wasted a great deal of time too.

My Steam and Minecraft id is Ravenspath if anyone is interested in playing some multi-player games. I can't usually do voice chat but am happy to use in-game chant.
Welcome, Ravenspath!

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