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Hello to all of my fellow gamers
Hiya. So, i don't know what to really say...  Confused

I registered here yesterday, during Vaygrims livestream and i have been following him for... About maybe half a year? I really don't keep track of these things. I'm 25, male, from Finland in case someone cares about that for whatever reason...

Let's try to get along, yeh?

Let me be the first to say hello and welcome to the forum! Do you get in any gaming or do you primarily watch the streams/YouTube?

Thanks. Though i don't know about any JonBonBasslake's, i'll assume you meant me since you replied in my thread Tongue

I do game, primarily on my crappy old PC, and occasionally on my PS3 and rather rarely on my PS2. Though these days i tend to mostly just watch YT and streams, i do still play some amount, but nowhere near as much as i used to... Guess i got spoiled by having a nice PC that then broke because i had put it together badly or something... Once i get my tax returns around christmas, i might look into getting it fixed...
Yeah sorry about that ... this is basically me trying to type :-)

[Image: writing2.gif]

I hear ya on the gaming rig. I only recently got a new one before Christmas of last year and got back into PC gaming. I also have a PS3 but it's basically just a Blu-Ray player anymore. I'm an old school keyboard and mouse gamer Smile

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