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ThornBrier Here!
Greetings and Safe Journeys, I am ThornBrier'Anto, from the planet Xamesh.

I come to play games and be with the fun having, yes.

I often watch Vaygrim's 1.9.x and Subnautica videos and heard about the League there.

I play Warframe and Battleborn, and when I have a good server, Minecraft. I prefer playing with people I can talk with on skype, but in a pinch I am willing to use Teamspeak.
Welcome to the League, Thornbrier.

you do realize we have a Discord server, right? And people use that as a Skype replacement, as well as a TeamSpeak replacement. (And as soon as Discord gets video chat that has less bugs than Skype, Gamers will be migrating over to Discord in a hurry.)

check the top of the main page of the forum, there should be a link to the post with the League Discord info in it.
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Welcome aboard, Thornbrier!

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