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FtB Invention Server
Hey all

I'll Keep this short and sweet but i'm basically looking for players to join my server which is currently running FtB Inventions which is 99% tech mods with the 1% being EE3

Its a 4 Gb server hosted by Aim2Game, and currently PvP and MobGriefing is turned off, just to help with allowing ppl to build what they want with out the fear of creepers.... also endermen leave a mess lol

This is a Whitelisted server because i do record a series on my channel, and with that in mind i would like those of you that may be intressted in joinning by replying with the following info.

Will you record? (This is not necessary but would be good)

If you do what is your channel?
Country?  (for time zones)
A little about yourself:

If i like what i read i will be in contact via a PM with IP and letting you know.

I think this will go without saying but, Vaygrim: if read this and what to join just give me a shout and i'll add you, again recording is not necessary.

Thanks all.


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