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Chisels and Bits Carpet Contest
I've been watching Morvelaira (If you don't know who Morvy is, ask Vaygrim) post pictures on Twitter of carpet designs she's been making with nothing but Chisels and Bits. This has given me an idea. Create a small modpack with only Chisels and Bits, Flat Colored Blocks, and Chisel on the Curse launcher. Then, go into a creative world and make a carpet or rug design using ONLY Chisels and bits to create the pattern of the carpet. Size wise, it must be at the most, a 5 block by 5 block design, and images must be uploaded to Imgur to make judging easier. Only one rug per entrant, please. 

1. All designs must be a 5 block by 5 block area at the MOST
2. All designs must only use Chisels and Bits, Flat colored blocks, and Chisel.
3. All custom packs created for this must be in 1.9.4
4. All entries must have their screenshots uploaded to Imgur and linked in this thread.
5. All entries must be completed by August 1st to be eligible for voting.
6. Voting will start August 2nd, and finish August 3rd.

Voting has ended! Winners, please contact me on Discord for your prizes! If you haven't joined the Discord, please do!

The grand prize will be a copy of The Sims 3, with the High End Loft Stuff and Late Night packs, which can be redeemed on Origin. (All donated by our own Mallrat208) - SUPERFROGMAN98
Second Prize will be a copy of Hospital Tycoon, which can be redeemed on Steam. (Donated by our own Trunks9809) - GAUTH
Any other entries will have a choice of one of the following: X-blades (x2), Stigmat (x2), Two Worlds 2 (x2), and Enclave (x3).  - VAN ANDESEN
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Just now noticed that the rim makes it look like a stamp Big Grin
Going with it anyway, so this is my entry.
5x5 carpet.

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Well, I had planned to make something more interesting and colourful of this, but real life got in the way...
This one is based on the cellular automata known as 'Persian Rug'!

[Image: ndNnGB.png]
This is my entry:
Used some of the animated chisel blocks and created a kind of circuit pattern

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closed 11/4/16

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