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n00b sauce here
Hi, I'm Zant (which is typically my handle for most things, that or ZantGreene) coming up on, but not quite middle aged gamer extraordinaire, minus the extra Smile I used to be pretty heavily into MMORPGs, to the extent that I can no longer accurately count how many I've played, but I got to feeling like the genre stagnated a bit in some respects and changed in other respects in ways that didn't appeal to me (your mileage may vary, your game preferences may differ from mine and that's ok  Smile )

Nowadays I only occasionally make forays into MMOs, and usually briefly, most recently a couple month return to FFXI.  I mostly play modded Minecraft now, and have recently gotten into making my own packs.

I'm almost exclusively a PC gamer anymore, but mostly only because nothing has caught my eye on PS3 for a while and it's the only console I have.

I'm not usually an easy mode player (and no, I don't disparage those who are, play what makes you happy) but I'm almost never a hard mode player, not because there's anything wrong with it, but because as I get older my slowing reflexes and numerous hand injuries have made hard mode not very fun for me.

So that's my word vomit of an introduction. Hi!  Big Grin

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