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Hello all!
Hey everybody, my name's Ethan. I've been coming to vaygrim's streams for a while now and I decided to finally stop lurking quite so much  Tongue

I'm 25, agender (they/them/their pronouns), and finally getting back into college this year!

While I do like to continually challenge myself, my main goal when playing games is to have fun and get creative. I mostly play RPGs and CCGs, as well as some minecraft when I find the time. I especially love Faeria, Duelyst, Rift, and Overwatch. For non-PC games, I've been a bit obsessed with Tales of Link, and I play Pokemon Go when I have the time to go for longer walks. When I'm not playing games, I'm working on my writing.

If youd like to find me in other places, you can also check out:
my tumblr (thegreatersea)
minecraft (romanticistpoet)
steam (unapologeticromantic)

See ya and GLHF!

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