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Hello, HeartofDragons here! People have called me Heart or HoD, so if you want to save time on typing, I will answer to those as well. XD
I'm currently in college taking classes on programming and game development. It's a lot of work, but it's also very rewarding! I love games and I love stories, so I tend to prefer RPGs or anything that focuses on the plot as part of the gameplay. I also like puzzles, and a bit of action every now and then when I get tired of turn-based stuff.
I think the first video I watched from Vaygrim was his tutorial/spotlight on Ender IO. A week or two later and I see a Minecraft livestream on the Youtube home page, so I decided to take a look and... well, here I am. XD
I'm HeartofDragons8 on Youtube, by the way, so if you see that name in the livestream chat, that's me (probably being a goofball). No, I don't make videos. Youtube is silly about who gets to comment on videos. Tongue
Welcome to the League!
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