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Vaygrim's Chance 3 - Community Builds Thread!
Vaygrim's Chance Season 3 is well under way, and I'd really love to get more community interaction going this time around. It's more than just me play this pack, and I would really love to hear from all of you out there on what you've been doing with it! Do you have house builds, interesting automations.. or something else that you are extra proud of, then post here and submit screenshots about it!
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  • Meradudd
Since you offered so nicely, Vaygrim, here is my initial offering.

Looking for a server-wide power solution?  Step right up, my friend, and I shall show you the power of the sun in a single chunk!!

[Image: 39Tz4BO.png]

(So, yah...Mekanism Fusion generator at 2MRF/t.  The whole setup could easily be fit into a single chunk, though I wanted the space for the aesthetics.)

Here is a link to the album which shows things in some detail with some explanations. I'd be happy to answer questions or what-have-you.


Perhaps mechanical monstrosities to harness the power of the sun aren't your cup of tea?  How about an arcane hall with a miniature sun captured for your personal power 

[Image: L8BU71b.png]

I provide for your amusement and interest my humble hovel of a hall for matters Thaumaturgical.

Linkie to full overview: 


I don't know enough about Thaumcraft to understand how this works, but it sure does look awesome.

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