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Don't Starve
I've previously made use of a Steam Mod for Don't Starve that removed the roaming packs of furry dog (?) things that attack you at random intervals. It seems that this mod has recently been decommissioned and no longer usable. Anyone have any other recommendations for a Steam Mod that functions similarly? I have yet to figure out a way to get those attack dogs to not kill me. Even camping out near Beefalo feeding grounds, and trying to use the Beefalo as a shield doesn't really work for me either. (Maybe I just don't have the reaction times to pull that off well enough.)

Anyway, mods, or tips! Thanks!
After a fairly lengthy hiatus from Don't Starve I've just begun playing Shipwrecked and am having fun with it. When I was playing vanilla I would use walls to create a safe room with a funnel so I could retreat when the hounds arrived and kite them into a corridor to kill them. They will eventually attack the walls to try and get to you but it definitely slows them down. Not that it always worked.... Tongue
As unhelpful as this post is, I didn't even know there WERE mods for Don't Starve! I've not played it since Don't Starve Together was released - I found the single player to be a little bit boring, and I guess if you have a friend along, you can always try to get them to feed the dogs :p
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