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Streaming platforms
Anyone interested in sharing their opinions on streaming platforms, such as favourites or least favourites, etc.? I find Twitch to be a bit over-populated with streamers and trolls making it tough to find new streamers that I like, YouTube seems to be missing functionality...I quite like Beam though. How about you guys?
I've tried Twitch, Beam and YouTube Gaming. Beam is slick, and looks great, but I didn't really get much in the way of views, and as you say, Twitch has plenty of trolls. I have decided to go with YouTube Gaming, since all my subs can access my streams easily, and I have gained new subs through streaming. Keeps it all in one place, which makes life easier. I think that whatever YouTube Gaming lacks at present will soon be added, and the platform will continue to evolve, helping content creators to grow their channels on one single platform
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if I could stream I would most likly use youtube since easier to get people and less trolls also VoDs are up with in an hour of the stream
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