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modpack ideas/mod subjections
I am currently working on a modpack for 1.7.10 based around lite automation/exploration conspect of packs like hexxit;however, I having a hard time finding more exploration mods and was wondering what tlog community might subjects as mods for said pack

also not adding AE2 

current mods:
jabba(might switch to storage drawers)
iron chests
Themal expanion
logistics pipes
rogue-like dungeons
thuamcraft 4
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My favourite mods are generic - Treecapitator or Veinminer. Always handy. I know little about mods, but those are two that I would include in any mudpack build - not that I have the first clue about making a pack Sad
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Silent's Gems is a good one to add. when a tool breaks, it's easy enough to repair it with a gem in your inventory crafting grid, or a piece of flint if you made flint tools. and you can upgrade your tools. want silk touch? you can get it easily enough, just have to find the right rare gem and make a successful trip into the nether for some materials. it's very balanced that way. and you can get flight as well with the mod.
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