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First Annual Vaygrim's Chance Buildoff
So I had an idea.

A build competition.

(Special thanks to Preceptor_teeth for donating this!)
SECOND PRIZE: A Steam key for Starmade (http://
(Special thanks to A7XShadows for donating this!)

Must be 5x5 Chunks at most.
Must be in the Vaygrim's Chance modpack
No Microblocks (carpenter's blocks are fine)
All Entries must be turned in by Feb 18.

Yes, this is a community vote. Each entry will have a screenshot placed in a post on a separate thread, and the one that gets the most Thanks is the winner.

Voting will commence on Feb 19, and will end on Feb 20.

Good Luck, and Good Building!
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If you want to offer a second prize, I'll donate a Steam Copy of Starmade.
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