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new server need admins
i have a new server its minecraft 1.8.9 and it will be running simply magic 2 once it's installed and im looking for admins to help run it Heart Heart Heart
Love the Simply Magic pack - I'd offer my services but I'm super busy and wouldn't be able to dedicate the time it deserves. Good luck with the server!
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oh it's fine
How big is the server population and it's projected size at the moment? I'd like to help out on a server but on workdays I'd probly not be on untill 11:30 pm. (I could be the late night admin) but on days I'm off work, I'd be able to join sometime after noon. (PST -8:00)
I take it this is no longer an active project.
(04-10-2016, 04:18 AM)Monkeybug34 Wrote: I take it this is no longer an active project.

yeah, probably not, since we haven't heard anything out of Necro for awhile now. Last I heard anything about this, they were trying to make their own pack and were having crashes related to mods that needed updates with fixes that weren't implemented because the mod author couldn't be reached. (or some such.)
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