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Preparing for The Division's Launch on March 8th
Greetings Agents! In preparation for the launch of The Division on March 8th, I wanted to start compiling information that could prove to be useful for everyone. I'll update and add further information as I find it.

  • There are several free weapon skins and agent outfits available as Free DLC here on the UPlay store. There is 1 weapon skin also available for 20 U-Credits, which you will quickly earn once in-game after launch and earning achievements.
  • "AGENTORIGINS" - Head to this page , log into your UPlay account, then use the activation code AGENTORIGINS in all caps. This will unlock several sets of weapons and appearance outfits themed on such jobs as Paramedic, Cop, Fire Fighter and more. Use these to declare the origin of your agent, and start their backstory.

  • I've used to grab The Division Gold Edition Pre-order for $75 (which is $25 cheaper than Steam)
    This is a Uplay key, not a Steam key, but whatever. It's saving me a QUARTER of the price off the full version!
    I recommend avoiding this for now. The vendor has never returned an email or support ticket, their online 24/7 support has gone totally silent for the last 24 hours. I have no idea when or even IF my purchase will be honored.

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