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YOUTUBE - Fair Usage failings, and massive privacy concerns (long)
This morning I awoke to an email in my personal inbox regarding an appeal I had opened a few weeks back for a copyright claim on an Alan Wake video. The company in question was representing the "Merlin" record label, and claiming background music being used in Alan Wake:
[Image: Playground_Music_01.jpg]

FIRST PROBLEM - These guys are emailing me directly regarding something that should be getting handled via the Copyright Claims system within YouTube itself.
SECOND PROBLEM - They emailed me directly via my PERSONAL email address tied to the account, not my business address listed for the account.
THIRD PROBLEM - That black 'blotch' on the right hand side of the screenshot? That's my personal physical house address, phone number, zipcode, the whole nine yards. These jokers had this personal information released to them.. BY YOUTUBE when I filed a dispute against their claim. Given the rapid number of corrupt claims happening via this system every single day? I just realized that all those companies get my personal IRL details EVERY... SINGLE... TIME that I file a dispute !!!
FOURTH PROBLEM - Their statement that a takedown will be issued means that they are literally threatening me with LEGAL ACTION if I don't comply with their demands.

Are you a YouTuber that has filed a dispute against a false claim for content on your channel? Congratulations, the company you disputed against now has all the personal details tied to your YouTube channel! Does this upset you? Then PLEASE VOICE YOUR CONCERNS HERE!

I see this as a MASSIVE violation of privacy on YouTube's part, and we need to raise AWARENESS about this NOW!
UPDATE VIA TheDarkPreacher - "That claim? The band they claim to represent? ISN'T EVEN A REAL BAND. It's the In game band, but IRL, it's Poets Of The Fall."
Further details to support this:

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I've reached out to "Poets of the Fall" via Twitter to see if I can get them to chime in on this.
knowing that the media group who did a report on one of videos has my pin name, home address, and old phone number sorta scares me even if I won the reapil
also knowing that a person claiming I used his ingame footage and voiced over it might have my information scares me
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Further investigation into this has been done by myself and several other folks, who passed the information along to me.

While "Playground Music Scandanavia" isn't the record label that "Poets of the Fall" record for, they DO have digital distribution rights for their music within Scandanavia. This means that I was off-base regarding this company making fraudulent claims on this front. HOWEVER ... I also had this article in YouTube's Help & Support system pointed out to me :

Take note of the section farther down labeled: "Original Video Game Soundtracks are only valid references when owned by the video game's publisher."
This basically states that music original to a video game soundtrack cannot be claimed by Music Companies, only the Video Game publisher itself. I am fairly positive that this whole situation is covered by this rule and will proceed as such until corrected by Remedy Entertainment (makers of Alan Wake) or "Poets of the Fall" (the band themselves).
How'd this play out in the end, Vaygrim? Were you able to get it recovered?
(03-14-2016, 06:15 PM)dawgeth Wrote: How'd this play out in the end, Vaygrim? Were you able to get it recovered?

For right now, the claim is supposedly being revoked by YouTube. Trouble is that Playground Music Scandanavia is still making claims on stuff to which they don't own the rights. Just as a note.. they might have the digital rights to distribute this music, but if it's a song that's part of an original score for a video game they aren't allowed to claim it. The song has to be claimed by the video game producer for the game itself.

That's a 'YouTube Rule', mind you. So in regards to YouTube, and its rules and understandings with the Music Industry.

I'm still waiting to see if Playground Music keeps emailing me or not, and I am still rather frustrated by the massive privacy leak in this system regarding personal details.
I had a content claim on music score from Sword Coast Legends. I disputed it, pointing to the developers web page Q&A stating that they were happy for people to create YouTube content with no restrictions - 24 hours later the claim was rescinded.
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Posting this here to help spread the word on something that might help improve the DMCA take down problem.

11:59 PM EDT on April 1, 2016 is the deadline for public comments on the effects of the DMCA and is a chance to point out to the government the abuse of the law that is going on.!documentDe...-0013-0002 to file a complaint.

For those who are not as good with words there is a site with a form letter that sums up the common complaints.

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