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7 Days to Die
Looking for some people to play with for multi-player.

May end up streaming on occasion once i figure out my screwed up settings. So, I don't mind if other stream/record it themselves.

Toss a message below on if you are interested. Thanks.
I'd be interested, depending on timings (timezones are a pain in the butt)
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Im eastern time zone and fairly flexible on timing. Other than picking up my wife from work or son from school, I don't have much on my plate.
I had someone ask me if I was going to play '7 Days to Die' in my stream yesterday. So it's on my radar, but I haven't acquired it just yet. Still evaluating.
I enjoy playing it, but it is definitely one of those games that is more fun with other people to play with. Especially when you have a hoard chasing you and someone set the friendly fire settings to not be so friendly. Big Grin
I have 7 Days to Die now! I'm probably not going to last 1 day, but I might wind it up on the Thursday afternoon livestream!
I shall join you fellows for the 7DTD stream next wednesday. need to have some time to get used to the controls again and update my game.
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7MTD (7 Minutes to Die) was fun! I think that's the new Wednesday night livestream 'thing' !
got to admit it is a fun game to play

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