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Server for Utuber's
Hey all,

I have a server, which is currently running the Expedition modpack but i'm am thinking of changing it to something else, to start a brand new Serise on.

And i am also willing to share the server with fellow utubers that are willing or what to record solo and in groups, unfortunately i just don't know what Modpack to run or play.

So im after some Ideas,  it wouldn't be a Vagrims Chance pack, cause i think most ppl are patrons and play on Vaygrims server anyway.

I am also willing to consider trying out a 1.8/9 modpacks though ppl need to know they are unstable and could crash and may need world resets at anytime.

The Packs i'm mainly considering are Bevos Techpack / FtB Infinty (on Normal mode) and FtB unstable.

But again i'm am Open to any and all Suggestions.

If i did share the server i will do an application form and mention the very basic / common sense rulings in a different thread, just know that age and subscriber count doesn't matter to me, as long as your mature and play well with others.

Over 20 views and no one interested? I'm Surprised.

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